Since we first started using Broniec in 2006, we have enjoyed and found great value in your expedited response to our needs before, during and after the audits. Whether it is your auditors, IT or back office personnel, Broniec responds quickly and accurately to our requests.

Guy Wilson, Northwestern University,

Since moving to a Shared Service Center environment in Silao, Mexico, our internal audit staff had provided a basic review of disbursements, but we believed we still could benefit from the experience of an outside firm to dig deeper into the complexities of our purchase-to-pay cycle. Your team has proved us right, as we have greatly benefited from the review in terms of money and errors identified, along with the recommendations to improve the process.

Chris Lynch, Continental Automotive Systems , Director of Finance

The engagement has delivered quality results that have helped us to recover about double our previous audit and also identified areas for improving our Accounts Payable operations.

John Balestrini, CPA - Regional Medical Center at Memphis , Director of Internal Audit

We know you are being incredibly thorough when you find overpayments as little as 50 bucks! Year after year you bring savings and add value, and do it with no risk to us. That’s why we’re having you back this year for another Broniec Audit.

Mark Koors, The E.W. Scripps Company,

We like the way your onsite auditors kept out of our way. Most of the time we weren’t even aware your people were here! The whole team was exceptional and very thorough. Their attention to detail made the final report even more credible, so we were more than willing to follow the recommendations in it.

Sharon Grosskopf, Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc.,

Your ability to review our payables and produce the results you did with our minimal involvement internally was appreciated and impressive. If there was information we needed or wanted your auditor’s ability to communicate via face-to-face, by phone and electronically through your Client Services System was excellent. Your auditors did a great job collaborating with us to identify overpayments and provide recommendations for process enhancement moving forward.

John L. Shaffer, Libbey Glass, Inc.,

It has been years since Broniec helped us with our corporate-wide system conversion to SAP. The recommendations offered during that time provided to be very valuable in establishing better internal controls. The web based CSS has been a great tool to review the progress of each audit, as well as streamline our communications with your team by allowing us to review and approve audit finds on our own time. The document scans that we have access to eliminate the need for paper and this fits well with our company’s green initiatives.

Sandra Slaugher, Sony Pictures, Inc., VP & AP Manager

Client Access

Try A Second Audit

Because of different audit techniques and various audit approaches our competitors employ, we have had success performing secondary audits. We will come in after your primary audit, and use our proprietary technology and three-pronged audit program to identify overpayments that were missed. The results can be surprising. In some cases, we find more money than the primary audit.