Client Services System

Get Online Tools to Monitor and Review Your AP Audit

Every Broniec client is given access to our Client Services System (CSS). This customizable online tool allows you to monitor your audit activity and access reporting tools. Features of our exclusive client portal include :

  • Audit Results – Access to supporting documentation, overpayment sources, and recovery status.
  • Claim History – View due diligence notes, vendor correspondence summaries, and auditor comments.
  • Email – Direct email link to the auditor.
  • Download – Create ad-hoc reporting based on any criteria you select.

The CSS complementary Vendor Risk Analysis and Data Warehouse features allow you access to additional value-added reporting as well as access to consolidated information on historical transaction data. We utilize industry-best data analysis routines to analyze vendor transactions and highlight vendors whose transactions appear to be vulnerable to potential fraud. Our Data Warehouse component allows users to view management reports created from data, such as payment history, vendor masterfiles and other data we utilize in our engagement. The views can be sorted and filtered to accommodate any ad-hoc query.

Client Access

Try A Second Audit

Because of different audit techniques and various audit approaches our competitors employ, we have had success performing secondary audits. We will come in after your primary audit, and use our proprietary technology and three-pronged audit program to identify overpayments that were missed. The results can be surprising. In some cases, we find more money than the primary audit.