Comprehensive Audits

Audit Scope & Process

This is your audit. We tailor our audit plan based on your business processes and goals.

We then apply our three-step approach to identify and recover overpayments to suppliers. The combination of our due diligence, technology, traditional audit approach, and thorough review of your suppliers makes for the most effective, efficient, and productive audit available.

Our contingency-based audit is a no risk way of assessing your purchase-to-pay process, while recovering overpaid dollars due your organization, and receiving valuable feedback and actionable steps to achieve optimal performance in your P2P process. The Broniec Recovery Audit includes an analysis across a broad range of possible error categories that include:

  • Duplicate and erroneous payments
  • Vendor credits
  • Sales and use tax (US)
  • Value Added Tax (International)
  • Rebates and allowances
  • Cash, trade, and other discounts
  • Advertising allowances
  • Contract compliance
  • Pricing
  • Freight
  • Exchange rates
  • Purchasing Cards errors
  • Debit balance resolution
  • Unclaimed property resolution
  • Escheatment prevention

We know you are being incredibly thorough when you find overpayments as little as 50 bucks! Year after year you bring savings and add value, and do it with no risk to us. That’s why we’re having you back this year for another Broniec Audit.

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