Comprehensive Audits

Process Improvement Is Simple With Broniec

No audit can be effectively performed without the capability to generate reports to support the manual audit effort, and an automated claims system to track the status of overpayments and report on findings.

Our technological capabilities allow us to provide the deep, thorough assessment our clients expect from a Broniec Audit.

We offer a variety of reports throughout the course of the audit including:

  • Real-Time Access through CSS – 24/7 online client access to claim status, supporting documentation, and email access with the Audit Manager. Access is username and password protected, and all data is encrypted.
  • Weekly Manager Meetings – This is our chance to review findings for the current period, gain approval to pursue claims, and update you on the status of the audit.
  • Final Report & Management Letter – Presented at the close of the audit, these reports highlight weaknesses and offer recommendations to assist you in making crucial decisions about the future of accounts payable. These files are customizable to your requirements, and available via the CSS Data Warehouse feature.

We can support your case for additional resources because all our recommendations are backed by supporting documentation right down to the transaction detail level. If you desire to reduce stress through process improvement, a Broniec Audit is your ticket to getting the statistics you need, while delivering the recoveries your management team is expecting. You and your team will be surprised at how little we need from you to deliver the results you want.

Contact us and we will show you how to use results of a Broniec Audit to build your business case.

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