Comprehensive Audits

Recovery Audits

Our Audits Maximize Recoveries and Identify Opportunities for Process Improvement

Our audits are designed to meet your exact specifications. From the pre-audit meeting to the delivery of the Final Report, our mission is two-fold: recover the maximum amount of overpayment and provide invaluable recommendations for process improvement and best practices.

Recovering overpayments while preserving vendor relationships can be a delicate issue. Our trained and experienced audit teams understand this and work skillfully and professionally with vendors to get the most out of the recovery process. Sensitive vendors are excluded from the scope of the engagement.

Our comprehensive approach and decades of experience enables us to review vendors and transactions to a much finer level. Our clients typically process significant numbers of transactions and Spend on an annual basis. Our comprehensive approach identifies overpayments that occur in all categories and is critical to gaining a clear and complete understanding of the health of your P2P process. Our unique comprehensive approach results in maximum recoveries and the sharpest, clearest insights into your P2P process. That is why our clients find our Reports to be so valuable.

Our proprietary audit checklist guides your Broniec audit team through more than 117 points of inspection. Because we identify and recover so much more than duplicate payments and unapplied credits, you are assured of getting a comprehensive audits with maximum recoveries and valuable results.

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