Recovery Audit Specialists

Pieces of the Accounting Puzzle

A Three-Prong Approach to Recovery Audits

We hire only the brightest, most experienced individuals, and provide them with in-depth training before they begin any audit work – it’s our people that make the audit successful. The audit process is carefully monitored and expanded to best suit the client relationship, then evaluated for accuracy and thoroughness before the delivery of the Final Report.

Our three-pronged approach results in the maximum recovery of overpayments, and a final report that is a useful management tool for you.

The Broniec Audit includes:


Our proprietary software analyzes various datasets to provide our audit teams with a series of reports that highlight potential overpayments in various categories including duplicate payments, pricing errors, and missed discounts/allowances. It also provides our auditors the ability to create ad-hoc analyses to fit specific audit needs.

Traditional Review

We find more because we delve deeper. Our audit teams do not just depend on our technology; they institute time tested, traditional, manual reviews and re-reviews of all relevant documents to find the maximum in recoveries. Because we spend time conducting due diligence and understanding your processes, we know where to look, and offer useful best practices.

Vendor Mailings

Using a pre-approved vendor mailing list, we request statements of account from your vendors to identify and recover open credits from the audit period. All statements are reviewed manually. No vendor is contacted without your express authorization.

Client Access

Try A Second Audit

Because of different audit techniques and various audit approaches our competitors employ, we have had success performing secondary audits. We will come in after your primary audit, and use our proprietary technology and three-pronged audit program to identify overpayments that were missed. The results can be surprising. In some cases, we find more money than the primary audit.