Our Proprietary Technology = Increased Audit Recoveries

AUDITMAX® is our proprietary software developed over 49 years of history and experience, and is constantly enhanced to encompass the latest trends, categories, and technology.

This innovative technology is continuously refined from the thousands of audits we have performed and identifies more overpayments by comparing our supplier database against your payments. This is a difference that others can’t match. We combine our extensive experience with our cutting edge technology, to provide our clients with better results and higher returns.

It takes experience to leverage technology for you

At Broniec, technology is not just creating reports. Our auditors are skilled at using our state of the art technology to provide clues about overpayments and then take it a step further by digging into your systems and documents to uncover additional findings. Digging deeper is how we uncover and recover more money for you.

Client Services System

Clients are given access to our Client Services System (CSS). This customizable 24/7 online tool allows you to interact with your audit activity and access reporting tools to help improve your business practices. Features of our exclusive client portal include:

  • Executive Dashboard – Displays recovery trends and what transactions influenced the results.
  • Audit Results – Access to supporting documentation, overpayment sources, root cause, and recovery status.
  • Claim History – View due diligence notes, vendor correspondence summaries, and auditor comments.
  • Export to Excel – All claims or a selected subset is exportable to Excel.

Value-Added Reporting

Our data acquisition process collects a complete set of client data, and helps provide solutions to your P2P cycle. One of Broniec’s core competencies is in data mining, which we use to create complementary custom reporting. Examples of this would be:

  • Vendor masterfile cleanup
  • Supplier spend
  • Purchasing trends
  • Quick pay suppliers
  • Benchmarking

Supplier Portal

Broniec’s web-based portal assists our clients in streamlining the vendor onboarding process. This portal can be customized to accommodate the collection of each clients’ specific documentation needs.

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