Our Experience

Our Experience is Our Greatest Strength

Our Accounts Payable auditing advantage was born from over 48 years of going above and beyond, and provide better returns for our clients and an excellent customer experience, building long-term partnerships.

Our company was established in 1972 by the late Frank D. Broniec to perform account payables audits and consulting services for the retail industry. His vision was clear from the start.  Frank wanted to go above and beyond and provide more for his clients. This meant providing a more comprehensive audit, bringing his clients the most value.  This is the core value that still drives Broniec Associates today.

In 1988, we expanded to best serve our clients by opening local offices in cities throughout North America, starting in Houston.  Our first international location was established in Toronto, Canada in 1996.  This infrastructure allows us to most effectively serve and communicate with our clients.  Today, we have 22 branch offices across the US and Canada, serving clients globally.

Broniec Associates is the industry leader and innovator in the accounts payable audit industry, with the ideal mix of hands on experience and the latest technology.  Our methodology continues to be refined over hundreds of audits performed annually to provide exceptional value to our clients, with the flexibility to engage clients across multiple industries, size, and infrastructure.

“We know you are being incredibly thorough when you find overpayments as little as 50 bucks! Year after year you bring savings and add value, and do it with no risk to us. That’s why we’re having you back this year for another Broniec Audit.”

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