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Experience = Results

Broniec Associates successful experience drives our technological ingenuity and is the difference that other auditing firms can’t touch.

At Broniec Associates, we are committed to finding the highest return for our clients. The combination of 49 years of experience, desire and cutting edge technology based on that experience creates the Broniec Advantage.

Experienced Professionals

Our experience advantage was born from our history of striving to provide more for our clients since 1972. This desire and experience is our greatest strength and our difference. It begins deep down inside from our very beginnings in Atlanta, GA and continues on to this day. We are constantly learning new ways to excel, new regulations and new insights that lead to greater audit results for our business clients worldwide, no matter how large or small.

Global Network

Our reputation for providing one of the most comprehensive audits in the industry translates well internationally. We have expanded to more than 22 countries and we are still growing and providing higher returns all over the world. Regardless of the country, financial executives all want the same results – a better bottom line. We help them to identify over-payments, avoid fraud and maximize efficiency overall. That’s our bottom line.

Versed in Every Industry

It is important to find a company that has experience providing Accounts Payable and recovery audits in your industry. There are many choices, but only one that has the industry experience and skill set to really make a difference in your audit, and find a better return. The choice that will make a difference is Broniec Associates. We have been helping businesses like yours recover more money for more than 49 years.

Advanced Technology

AUDITMAX® is our proprietary methodology developed from our over 49 years of history and experience. This technology helps us identify possible over-payments by comparing our own historical data with suppliers against our clients payments. This is a difference that others can’t touch. Combining our extensive experience with our cutting edge technology, provides our clients with results that equal better results and higher returns.

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