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A Recovery Audit Is About More Than Money

We believe a recovery audit intended to simply find overpayments is superficial.

We’re confident you are as excited to learn new things about accounts payable practices as we are. That’s why we’ve designed internal systems to allow our auditors to share best practices on topics like unclaimed property, procurement cards, and more.

Our auditors are eager to make your recovery audit the most thorough one you’ll ever have. We want to know all we can about your disbursement operations. In the process, we do not just discover duplicate payments, but many other forms of overpayments including pricing errors, improper escheatment of unclaimed property and sales tax overpayments. When it’s all done, we will provide you a report that will make it simple to understand how to make improvements revealed during the recovery audit.

Access Expertise On Unclaimed Property And More

Unclaimed Property is one area where our depth of knowledge will prove useful to you. In fact, our recovery audit includes over 117 points of inspection. If we spot an opportunity during the recovery audit to help you learn about and take advantage of a new industry development, we will be sure to share that with you. If you want to stay on top of accounts payable trends, including growing areas like Unclaimed Property, a Broniec recovery audit will help. We will make it simple for you to improve your operations and tell you the truth about best practices that may benefit your organization.

To get started, you may benefit from reading our brief white paper on Unclaimed Property with some simple tips to help you assess your exposure. Fill out the form below, and we’ll send it to you.

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