Contract Compliance

Found Money Through Profit Recovery

At Broniec, overpayments mean much more than duplicate payments. We are prepared to research and verify contract compliance, pricing, sales tax, and many other areas to identify profit recovery opportunities for you. We dig deep, and have found money associated with invoices as large as seven-figures, and as small as $24. Our systems and processes allow us to efficiently review over 117 points of inspection for more profit recovery.

Contract Compliance From Deep Audits

Contract compliance reviews become more important as globalization causes rapid, frequent shifts in the competitive landscape. More SKUs, competitors, and customers create more opportunities for errors to occur. Audits that skim for large overpayments will never allow small recurring errors to be found. Money is being lost that is, when recovered, pure profit. Recovery opportunities are enhanced by the depth and scope of Broniec’s audits, which have routinely found money in areas like pricing errors, sales tax overpayments, and contract compliance.

Remember, contingency audits aren’t about the rate; they are about profit recovery. If you would like to maximize your found money associated with an accounts payable audit, perhaps you will benefit from our white paper, Key Elements for an Accounts Payable Audit RFP.

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Try A Second Audit

Because of different audit techniques and various audit approaches our competitors employ, we have had success performing secondary audits. We will come in after your primary audit, and use our proprietary technology and three-pronged audit program to identify overpayments that were missed. The results can be surprising. In some cases, we find more money than the primary audit.