Comprehensive Audits

Audit Plan

At Broniec Associates, we approach the audit process as your business partner, maintaining the highest level of integrity and professionalism.

We are keenly aware of your daily business demands, so our audit is designed to have minimal impact on the daily activities in your organization.

During the audit, we:

  • Meet with you to review your expectations for the audit, and go through our Audit Setup Checklist together to produce the optimal results for you and your organization.
  • Provide AUDITMAX┬« reports and results to our audit team so they can identify transactions to research.
  • During weekly meetings with your designated contact person, provide you with complete documentation of overpayments and receive approval for us to pursue collection.
  • Perform follow-up with vendors to ensure recovery.
  • Provide access to our online Client Services System to view audit results and reporting.
  • Generate Value-Added Reports to assist you with ongoing disbursement management.
  • Produce a Final Report and Management Letter from the audit, including a quantitative analysis of the audit results and process improvement recommendations.

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