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Broniec Associates, Inc. performs accounts payable auditing and consulting services for large companies across the globe. We will apply our expertise in this field to make our clients more efficient and profitable. We will distinguish ourselves by our focus on integrity and quality of service. Our successes will result from the efforts and achievements of our associates and our commitment to implementing technological improvements.

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Our executive team has over 210 years in the accounts payable and finance industry, with a proven track record of success, and resumes that include some of the world’s most prestigious companies.  Our principal officers  carry on our founder’s legacy and vision to provide the most comprehensive audits and exceptional client service.  This strong leadership has helped build Broniec Associates into a firm focused on supporting clients with their distinct needs globally.

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We are proud to employ talented and creative individuals serving clients around the world. Our 22 branch offices are staffed by full-time employees, compensated via a base salary program that includes incentives for individual performance, branch profitability, and profitability of the company.

“We know you are being incredibly thorough when you find overpayments as little as 50 bucks! Year after year you bring savings and add value, and do it with no risk to us. That’s why we’re having you back this year for another Broniec Audit.”


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