Accounts Payable Auditing – Discover Our Recovery Audit Difference.

Contingency Based AP Audits Are Better


Accounts Payable Audits done on a contingency basis are a win-win. You can benefit from our complete assessment and analysis of your disbursement process. Working on a contingency basis means that you don’t pay until money is recovered. This gives auditors greater accountability for the outcome of audits which will, no doubt, lead to more robust audits and maximized recoveries.  Audit methodologies vary to some degree, and a contingency agreement is great motivation for companies to broaden their scope.

Simply put, our recovery audit specialists recover money your company is unknowingly giving away …or you don’t pay.

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An Accurate, Comprehensive Audit Overview

You’ll gain an accurate, comprehensive picture of your accounts payable disbursement process from which to make changes and gain efficiencies. Businesses benefit most from a comprehensive accounts payable audit, not just a surface review of their books. Broniec’s comprehensive accounts payable audits ensure that you’ll get the best results from your audit program. And that’s the simple truth.

“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.” – Galileo

Deeper Audits Find More Overpayments

The depth and scope of our audits also means we do an incredibly thorough job of identifying and recovering overpayments for you. A traditional audit is manual.  Most companies now use some sort of proprietary software to take an automated look at your books.  Some do both.  The software approach can produce some valuable results; but, it is limited to finding things like duplicate entries and miscalculations.  Manually sifting through the files will uncover the details of contract agreements.  The best auditors will combine these two methods to produce superior results.

Discover a Different Kind of Auditing

Discover the difference a Broniec Audit can mean to your organization. Our comprehensive recovery audit approach will deliver exceptional results in terms of recovered funds that would otherwise be lost. We help you save money and define areas where you can achieve greater efficiency and accuracy in your procure-to-pay process.

Client Success Stories

Case Study – Decentralized Operations | University - Challenges: This private university, with over 15,000 students and $800M in annual revenue, operates under a decentralized accounts payable process.  Each group/department has the ability to initiate requisitions and approve and pay supplier invoices.  In addition, several non-integrated payment systems are used, making it difficult to impossible to check for prior payments. Solution: Broniec’s use

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